We read on the Cristiana Falcone’s blog that every year, the tech giant Google organizes a conference called Zeitgeist that has thought leadership as its common line each year. Indeed, it brings together more than 320 C-level leaders and Google partners each year who give talks, speaker sessions, evening events, networking and Sandbox explorations over two days. Speakers include world leaders, innovators, sports icons, journalists and many others. In addition to discussing topics that are shaping and transforming our world, Google Zeitgeist provides an opportunity to connect key customers with Google’s product and sales leadership to gain insights and customer feedback. In fact, there are deep moments after each session that include ample time for questions and answers from the group. This year’s ZeitGeist 2022 is being held in London from May 15 to 17 and will host such great guests as Tony Blair, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Professor Alexander Stubb, Former Prime Minister of Finland and Kersti Kaljulaid, Former President of Estonia. Along with these big names, major international CEOs, including Cristiana Falcone, will also participate. Falcone has more than 20 years of professional experience in strategy design and implementation of partnerships for business development gained working with leaders of multinational companies (SONY, Shell, Revlon), interacting with international governmental organizations (ILO, IFAD, FAO, UNDCCP, IADB) and operating in the media world (Radio Televisione Italiana, Gruppo Espresso, Univision, Viacom). 

Google Zeitgeist: Last events and Youtube Channel

Every year, as Cristiana Falcone wrote on her blog, the Google Zeitgeist theme inspires great discussions, lectures, and far from trivial exchanges of thought, to which great minds, great entrepreneurs, and great operating figures in various fields contribute to provide well-rounded nuances of each theme. The last very interesting topic that was addressed at the last Google Zeitgeist event was education during the pandemic. How important is education in modern society? How has it changed during the pandemic? Which European, American and other models are the most effective and what are the differences between them? Answering these questions, in mostly remote mode because of the period, were great entrepreneurs, CEOs, storytellers, scientists, and dreamers, who have shared their visions of how  today is and how we can shape tomorrow. Speakers included Grammy winner Pharrell Williams and Harlem Children’s Zone President Geoffrey Canada, who have talked to Soledad O’Brien about how they are working to bring equal opportunities to underserved communities of color especially during the pandemic. Moreover, on the Youtube Channel, we also find Khan Academy founder Sal Khan and Brown University President Christina Paxson who talked about the vital role of virtual classrooms during the Pandemic and of how it revealed many of the flaws of our current education system. As anticipated, Google Zeitgeist does in fact have a detailed Youtube channel, linked here, in which there are all the videos of the most interesting conferences held over the years, divided by event and topic. In each video, there is a brief introduction to the speakers, the subject matter and the focus that these interviewees are going to cover. It is really worth a look!

Cristiana falcone’s participation in Zeitgeist 2022.

Among the many female entrepreneurs who are guests at this global Google event is Italy’s Cristiana Falcone, Independent Director, Strategic Advisor and New Technology Expert. In her session, as for all, there will be ample space for questions and answers from the audience. Joining her will be former prime ministers and presidents who will discuss the current geopolitical landscape, including Tony Blair of the United Kingdom, Alexander Stubb of Finland, and Kersti Kaljulaid of Estonia, moderated by Lyse Doucet, chief international correspondent for the BBC. Germany’s former vice chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, will explain how Europe can deal with the economic shocks of the pandemic and war in the region. In addition, Sir Alex Younger, former head of British intelligence (MI6), will cover the topic of cybersecurity, along with Royal Hansen, vice president of Engineering and Google’s leading expert on the subject.

Cristiana Falcone will participate in intimate panel discussions on Monday afternoon on technology trends characterizing the business world, from fintech to blockchain, the metaverse and fast commerce, given her extensive experience in the field. Cristiana Falcone, in fact, has more than 20 years of professional experience in strategy design and implementation of partnerships for business development gained working with leaders of multinational companies. In 2004 she directed the Media, Entertainment, Information and Sports section of the World Economic Forum and then became Senior Advisor to the Executive Chairman and Founder, who entrusted her in particular with responsibility for the development of innovative services and products and geopolitical risk assessment related to emerging technologies. Since 2006, she has been CEO and a member of the Board of Directors of the JMCMRJ Sorrell Foundation, which promotes innovative global initiatives in health, education and poverty reduction to achieve the UNSDG goals.

She serves on the boards of TIM and the Paley Center for Media, the Guido Carli Foundation, Internews, the cultural and publishing project Formiche, Tufts University, and the Summit Institute.